Sep 26, 2009

[Tech/Music/TV] Why? HP and Dollhouse

Well it's been a long week. I also have a performance soon.

First, I'd like to say I'm first in the Opera I'm playing in, which is Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte. I think many people don't understand or appreciate the effort and work that goes into an opera, and non-musicians really don't know what rehearsals are like. Because of this, I'm thinking that I'm going to record rehearsals and post them here for everyone to listen to. Expect badness, yelling, and other weird musical terms and so on being used. I'll try find a good way to upload them but I have no good idea how, any ideas would be appreciated.


I have never used Vista before. That being said after all the bad things about it I'd expect it to be a bloated crap that I would want off my computer as fast as possible. I believe all the crap Vista got at the beginning was probably deserved, but it really isn't at all bad now. I mean it IS slower than mp XP machine, but that could just be the specs. It does use more memory which sorta sucks, but since RAM is so cheap and i have 4gb it isn't THAT horrible. The security is a little bit annoying, but in all honesty all it does is increase my APM (actions per minute). Overall I find it to be pretty stable.

The only problem I really see is that due to all the things that Vista runs it does bog down the machine. Vista boots over 70 operations at start-up, which is why the boot is so slow. However, many of these are canceled easily in administrative tools. Also, all thoes programs take power, which shortens batter life. There are plenty of ways to make it work better.

Also, the power saver options are great. You can adjust performance depending on what power options you want. While you can't become really picky, you can really extend battery life.

I also have bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones. I got the X100 Supra-Aural Mini Headphones. I can say that I quite like them. They have really good sound and are really light and portable. I also hate any buds of any kind, as I like to keep my hearing some way, and these are just what I needed.

Also, e-music has increased their costs, though their are still the cheapest online music store available next to the nice "free" store.

The new Why? album came out recently. They are defined as a sorta indie hip hop band but with more melodic. That was also poorly written. Anyways, their new album, Eskimo Snow, is a great release. They break their usual style and go for a more melodic texture. I like this album better than their previous album, Alopecia, because of this. They also have really creative and fun lyrics. For example, one of my favorite songs in their previous album is called the Sad Assassin:

My favorite bit is the polyrhythem at the end about Billy the Kid. It's just brilliant and really creative. I really have trouble placing a good description on this band because I don't listen to this style of music enough to really know any similar bands to compare their sound to. Either way, it's a very unique and creative band and it's nice to see new talent rise.

Thanks to Eliza Dushku's twitter about seeing the new Dollhouse, I was very excited to watch it. Unfortunately, I had to watch it during the time loud obnoxious freshman were going to go to their "epic parties". I hate freshman. Anyways, I wasn't able to really enjoy as much as I might. It also didn't help that I haven't watched any episodes for the past few months, so it took a while to remember the feel of show and how the characters interact. It's nice to see Topher's (the geeky guy) story being developed though, as well as Dr. Sanders (no spoilers =]). Also from an interview of Joss Whedon (which I don't feel like finding right now) that the "lost" episode 13 will come back into play into the new season, which makes me exciting. I love Felicia Day and her acting in any show.

Speaking of Felicia Day, it's been announced that Joss Whedon is making a second Dr. Horrible musical thing. It's unknown weather it'll be a full movie, another webisode, or what format it is in, but all the actors said they really enjoyed being in it as well as trying to be in another show. I'm really excited to see what they'll do.

I think that's all for now. Posts will probably become a bit more erratic now than they were, as I was trying to post in the order of the Fibonacci sequence but I missed post #5 and skipped to 8... Oops. Expect another post to crop up at some point. I'm am happy for a 3 day weekend, as my school gets off for Yom Kippur.

Until later than, have a great weekend.

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