Oct 28, 2009

[Games] awesome stuff! and Windows 7

Many awesome games are coming out. Some I would like to talk about.

Game 1) New Monkey Island Game. I'll be installing it this Friday, though I probably won't get to it for a while as there are Halloween parties in which I shall take part of. However, I believe it shall continue being a great series, as it is funny and great stories.

Game 2) League of Legends. League of Legends is a free game that has just started open beta. It is based off of the stupidly popular "DotA" Warcraft 3 game, but is much better. First of all, Guinsoo, who origionally made the First dota for RoC is on the game, which means the character design and everything is pretty unique. While you still see some hero similarities of War3's DotA in the game, it is much more friendly to new people than the current War3 iteration. Did I mention that it's free?

The only problem I see is that the popularity will drop off when Starcraft 2 comes out. I don't mean that AoS players play RTS games, but I do mean that when SC2 comes out there will be an okay AoS for Sarcraft in say, about a month after release. Crappy AoSs will come out much, much earlier. Basically I hope the appeal won't fall out in favor for a game with a larger budget and a larger company.

Game 3) Assassins Creed 2
It seems that many people disliked or found the original Assassins Creed repetitive. While I can see their point, I don't think it should have received the butchered reviews that came with the game. I'm replaying the game myself and am enjoying it immensely. The only problem I have with it is that sneaking through the game is too slow and near the end their are too many guards looking for you.

Assassins Creed 2 I am really excited for, not for the extended game play, more in depth story, or the new mechanics, but that it's set in Italy. Hopefully I'll be able to play the game in Italian with English subtitles. Also, having gone to Italy, I really hope that we'll be able to run the rooftops or Arezzo. So far Florance is a confirmed place, so I don't think Arezzo is too big a stretch. We shall see.

Game 4) Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is also on every blizzard fanboy's game list. It looks pretty good, zerg are apparently STILL imba because of the queen's injection ability, and so on. The one thing I really hope this game will do is change the game enough so that new strategies will be devised, and that much of the old gameplay won't be seen the same way.

However, I think that the game will be much easier. Many of the reasons for high apm in starcraft games: small selection groups, a/patrol moving, stacking, worker shenanigans, bad pathing AI, no smart casting, etc. will be removed. Half the reason people needed to have 200+ apm to be C or better is because of all these gimmiks that you need to be able to pull off in a normal game. Many, if not all of these things will be removed. I think starcraft players will no longer be able to say that warcraft 3 is easy mode in comparison now that the gameplay has been really simplified.

As for Windows 7, I'd say it's better than Vista, still a bit worse than XP. This will change as they patch some issues for it though. This review is on an AMD/ATI computer. I also have it installed on an Intel/Nvidia computer, but I havn't used 7 at all on it.

-It does crash occasionally, or I should say programs that I run crash occasionally. This is because there isn't enough software support for windows 7 yet. While most all programs run fine on it (so far starcraft is the only problem, being all weird colored. In game works fine though) they can have a tendency to crash. This will change as it becomes a larger section of the PC market, and as windows team gets patches out.

-Battery life is extended from Vista. I get at least another half hour to an hour on power saver/balance mode.

-Boot times is MUCH faster. I think it is at least on par to mac, if not better.

-Instillation is pretty easy, if you do a clean install all your old files are put in a folder for you to save or delete. Hopefully the switched the DL file so that it's an ISO (disk image) instead of it's original version. When I downloaded it, I had to:

1) unpackage file
2) use a command line to turn files into an ISO file
3) burn to a disk or USB drive

Not too difficult, but time consuming.

I think that's it for now. I would add links and stuff but I'm too lazy at the moment.

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