Jan 29, 2010

[Gaming] Responsability in Gaming, set up post

I was on Kotaku when I found a link to a video about gaming morality. This will only be up for free for another 30 days, so I decided to do this post now instead of waiting.

Click here to watch.

This film is not as one sided as 'gamers' think it is. It actually advocates both good parenting and having parent's think well about what they are buying for their kids as well as allowing developers to grow and so on. The 'controlling games' group is more worried about young children playing games not made for them, so sometimes it seems a little one sided, but I completely agree that parents should have a dialogue with their kids in a way that will allow them (kids) to grow and keep out harmful influences. Another thing the movie says is how store owners as well as designers have a responsibility to prevent games made for adult out of the way of children.

I'll quickly summarize the movie.

1) Gaming is young. Basically, gaming is young and trying to find how it's going to grow. As technology and programmers improve, so will immersion.

2) Gaming can be art. I'm planning on writing about this in a later post, we'll see when it happens.

3) The movie also mentions the shootings, as many of the kids who did the shootings mentioned video games. While there is a little bit of misinformation, it brings up a point of the 'regulators'. In another post I want to do sometime is how competitive gamers think differently, therefore the reaction of such games are different. In otherwords: immersion through strategy and planning rather than immersion through feelings.

4) Government actually DID NOT want to regulate games, so they said "we will if we have to, but make a rating system" and let games mostly manage themselves. It is interesting how well it worked out as government is well known for being ineffective about things. It is more interesting that we think government will do a good job controlling health care.

That's about it. Music blog will happen eventually.

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