Jan 20, 2010

[Lit] What I was going to write

Not the next great American Novel by any means. I was going to write how products that effect mass society (i.e. movies) have too much control over what people read (according to amazon). However, my original plan was horribly foiled when after looking at Amazon today to confirm my hypothesis (which is where I decided on that topic in the first place) I noticed that beyond the latest "Ed the retarded Vampire" series... none of the books I was going to mention that are popular only because of major motion film were produced on them. My arguments were going to be "Julie and Julia" as well as "Those (these?) Lovely Bones". However, upon rechecking my findings, they were not in the top 50 or so that would have confirmed my idea and therefore my rant.

Because of this, I shall simply state that I have become intensely paranoid of properly using commas in grammar, and that 'Ed the Retarded Vampire' would make a great novella series. Maybe using satirical humor and secretly manipulating everyone to hate the current popular ideas in film, culture, and common political ideas by making them seem stupid in a goofy story will work.

Therefore until I can think of something more creative to write about, I shall, until later, sign off.

Till I think of something to write about, I bid you adieu.

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