Jan 27, 2010

[Music] Apparently I Forgot

*Edit: this post is about a year old I'm finally getting around to writing this now XD*

Apparently I forgot to share my recent enjoyment of latest albums of music. As this is supposed to be mostly a music blog, I feel bad about this. Without further ado, my latest music collections and my opinions of them:

St. Vincent- Good music. Great use of wind instruments, lyrical and fun.

Mirah- Indieish. Uses ukulele and other odd instruments (accordion) to make a good sound.

Kamelot- Haven't listened to this album in ages. Don't remember much but find it kinda lacking.

Stradivarius- Power metal is awesome. They're singing has intonation issues but in general they're fun to listen to. However, they using boring chord progressions.

Jonathan Coulton- JoCo is still amazing. Just fun music, easy to listen to, general good stuff, funny lyrics, upbeat, and awesome.

I should give this more details but I don't have time or energy.

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