Sep 30, 2010

A Short Coming Back Post

It's been quite a while since I posted in this blog. Mostly because of summer shenanigans and such. Anyways, after a pretty long hiatus I have decided to come back and rant about things which I don't like, or find interesting, etc.

In a previous post I wrote about how much Justin Beiber is a horrible person. I still think I am right about that in every way. However, someone used a sound editing program to slow his music 800%, and here are the results:

J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

What was once a stupid horrible 4 chord song created by a group of monkies owned by a massive populace controlling corporation now sounds like a choir of angels in slo-motion time. Listening to this is just fantastic, and down loadable as well!

There is also a program which lets you do pretty much exactly what this guy did. It's called paulstrech, and basically takes and mp3 does a few things to do and plays the end result in the same pitch and slowed down. It is freeware and can be downloaded here.

Lately I've been reading Terry Pratchett novels. While they are good, sometimes I just feel the story is weak in comparison to some of his other stories. Many of the people who were reading him from the beginning of his famous Discworld think his newer books are worse, but I think his writing is inconsistent between stories anyways. Some have a lot more humor in them than other ones, or at least that's what I find. Maybe I'm not such a big fan on philosophical humor.

I think that's it for now. Expect more posts soon about something that bothers me. Maybe a guide to hipsters or something.

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