Dec 25, 2010

[random] I am really really bored

I'm actually testing my new keyboard right now because it feels awesome and I'm not used to it. It feels pretty good though.... Yay Christmas gifts! Especially good keyboards. Hopefully it isn't a fingerprint magnet and has better input. It feels pretty good.

Anyways, clarinet is awesome. However, I think that it is in general underrepresented in almost all music. It wasn't considered a major instrument until Mozart's Kagelstaat.

Also, my brother seems to have decided to permanently occupy my bed. This wouldn't matter all that much but it's quite annoying. This is of course is compounded by the boredom I am currently experiencing because I want to get to work but I can't when people are occupying my bed *glares at brother*.

I should be practicing because I have about 4-5 recordings I need to get done, paperwork to fill out, and all those pieces to learn. It's not too big of a problem , but I want to work on it rather than try and get people to leave my room.

All in all, I'm really really bored, There's stuff I need to do, and I sorta can't do it. Tomorrow there will be less relatives around which will allow me to actually get stuff done. Wow I sound like a humbug. It's just really boring at home, so I'd rather work than sit on my bum. Yay.

This keyboard is quite awesome, I highly recommend it. It's a Razer Lycosa.

Also I'm eventually going to write about clarinet, just not now since I just wanted to type on this thing and see how it feels. Yeah I'm quite bored.

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