Sep 17, 2011

Dumber than a 7 Year Old

I was surfing reddit recently and I came across this 'Ask me Anything'

What is the meaning of life? No seriously, I'd love to hear what a 7 year old would have to say about this
"to love everybody and eat good food"

I realized that this was a brilliant.  Eating good food makes everyone happy.  Loving everyone also makes each other happy.  With eating good food and from loving each other everyone would be happy.

He also said:
Why are people unhappy?

"because they don't look at good."
This made me realized that so much of what I do is focus on the negative.  So much of our society at large focuses on the negative as well.  It's hard to be happy.  However, when you look at the amazing and fantastic things people do you can't help but be filled with a sense of enlightenment.
This is just an 'I'm back' post.  I might make more posts soon depending if I feel like it.

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