Oct 24, 2011

China, a Week in Beijing

I actually wrote this a while ago and decided to post it here.  I am in China so I decided to update my blog every day or so while I'm over here. Hope people enjoy it.

The plane flight was excruciating. The last time I flew international was on Lufthansa (sp?) airlines which had power-cables for computers, a decent screen, and some actual legroom. This flight on United Airlines, on the other hand, was tightly packed full of people like sardines in a can for 14-15 hours. I don't think I got much sleep so I've been up for pretty much 20+ hours right now haha. The nice thing about this is that because it screwed up my sleep/wake/active cycle so much I don't have to worry about the time change since somehow I'm properly adjusted (hopefully).

The food here is really different. Not only is it freshly prepared but there are several choices of food. There's a stirfry, soup, and probably some other stuff which I haven't discovered yet. The problem will be ordering since only one of us knows rudimentary Chinese while the rest of us know nothing. There are some students who speak both English and Mandarin, and they were nice enough to tour us around Beijing which was nice of them. I would have taken pictures but my phone/camera/tuner/mp3 player/metronome was used to survive the 14 hour flight, so hopefully tomorrow I'll take some pictures.

So far culture shock isn't so bad. It probably helps that us Oberlin students are sticking together especially since we're just sorta trying to figure out what we're supposed to do. We haven't seen the Dean anywhere either so we've basically been doing everything by ourselves with help from the conservatory students.

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