Sep 15, 2009

Definition of Napping

There has been some confusion as what constitutes as a nap. I decided to take things into my own hands and for my first blog post write a definite set of rules to separate 'napping' from 'sleeping'.

1) Napping happens during the day, after the first half-hour you wake up. For example, if you wake up at 10, anything after 10:30 would be a nap. Anything before is just falling back asleep.

2) Napping CAN be at night but it means your going to do something after you take your nap. Example: If I have a paper due tomorrow, and I take a nap at 2am, I'll wake up at 4am and continue working.

3) Napping lasts between 1 minute and about 3ish hours. People commonly get 4 hours of sleep at night. Unfortunately napping is relative to how much sleep you get on an average basis, so I cooked up a quick formula to define what constitutes as napping:

Take your average sleep at night (we will call this 's') and use this formula to find N (napping):

if N >0, N = (S/2)-1
if N <0, N = S-1

Therefore if I slept an average 8 hours a day a maximum nap length is 2.5 hours before napping it is considered sleeping.

4) Napping must be natural. No drugs or alcohol should be used to constitute napping. This is "forced napping" and therefore, since it is not necessarily natural/wanted sleep, is not considered napping.

Hopefully this will help with defining what constitutes a 'nap' and what is 'sleeping'.

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