Sep 16, 2009

The Incident, Gum, and Computers

First of all, None of these topics are at all related. I could probably find a way if I think hard enough, but I'm enjoying not thinking now. Thinking is for people who need to apply their brain power to solve life's fascinating little problems.

The Incident is not some embarrassingly private story that someone might laugh at, but actually the latest contribution to musical awesomeness I have listened to. I have listened to this album by Porcupine Tree 6 times in the last for days, i.e. I found a leak and listened to it. Four times. In a row. Then I bought the album and listened to it another two times. For $10 (if your cheap online bum like me) you get two hours of delicious awesome music, or for a bit more you can get the special addition which has all sorts of cool stuff. Look on their site if you want know more at

The first track, Occam's Razor, is a 55-minute awesome fest of various themes and so on. The totally awesome stuff is how they incorporate this track into various other tracks (I can't name them at the top of my head...yet). Some people might consider it lazy, but if you see it as a theme/variations idea it's much cooler. I think they probably could've split the track into maybe 2 or 3 different tracks due to some points where you'd expect a separate track such as when they have silence but he didn't. I don't mind in the least, because all the various themes used in the track are so gorgeous that it's worth listening to the track several times.

I think Porcupine Tree is one of the few bands that can be labeled as 'progressive' and still be considered progressive. they actually actively change the sound from album to album. Some are highly psychedelic, while others are much darker. This album definitely has a more "metal" sound than some of their previous works, but at the same time it is much more acoustic than others. I think it's more direct in it's presentation, rather than requiring some thinking, as the themes and message in the music is much more barefaced than some of their albums.

In short: Get this album; be happy. I just used a colon! ^.^

Gum lately has been disappointing me. It used to be for about 50-75 cents you could get a nice 20-something pack of gum. Nowadays, it's $1.50 for like 12 pieces! I don't care about you're "Extra lasting flavor" or "increases sex appeal" or whatever selling points of your gum is. I just want my old gum back! Who honestly wants to CHEW gum for 2 hours before it loses it's flavor? Half the fun is putting in a fresh piece anyways! Selectionist gum is stupid; I'll go for quantity over quality any day when it comes to gum. I have to spit it out to do anything beyond talking anyways, so why make it that it's less for more when you spit it out more?

I think I just discovered their ridiculous business practices. They make us pay more for less in compensation for "longer flavor" because they sell more since they put less in a package! This evil practice must stop. I petition to bring back old gum!

I am going to get a new computer soon. It is a laptop. It's $799. It has 4gb Ram, 1GB vCard, 2.20GHz dual core processing, 15.6'' screen, 320GB hard drive, and (possibly most importantly) free windows 7 64-bit upgrade.

That's right, I'm getting a Windows PC, be amazed. For fun, I compared it to a 15'' Macbook Pro. It used to be that comparing Windows with Apple was like comparing ninjas and potatoes together, but now since Mac switched to Intel processors (to be more like Windows) it's much easier to compare. HP Mac

First: Price

$800 (with free shipping and no sales tax) vs $1699 MINIMUM. I even rounded up. PC wins

2.20GHz vs minimum 2.53GHz (assuming minimum price again)

Mac wins. However, the cost increase as well as the video card will come in later and balance things out.

4GB DDR2 v 4GB DDR3. Both support up to 8GB

Mac wins again. However, again at a huge cost. DDR3 is new and fast, but it's hellishly expensive, and the applications to utilize it's speed aren't out yet. While this means it'll last longer, it also means that when DDR3 get's cheaper, I can upgrade easily and cheaply (if I want to) while you're stuck with what you have. I can install without sending it to the manufacturer (though I risk voiding warranty) while you have to pay to install more ram as well as probably needing a higher cost. Overall I'd say it's a tie, comparing costs.


320-SATA vs 250-SATA. both run at 5400 RPM.

HP wins. I can also upgrade to 7200 rpm if I want (faster loading times) and use my old HD as an external. Yay =]

Display: 15.6'' to 15''
Winner: Tie. really the .6 inches don't make enough difference to say OMG THIS IS BETTER.

After that, Mac has nothing on the other stuff, except programs. While macs won't have bloatware, I'm planning on installing windows 7 as soon as it comes out and reformatting the hard-drive anyways, so it comes out even.

Interestingly enough, one of the most important parts of a computer for running applications isn't even mentioned. That's right, the lowly video card.

A list of video cards can be found here: as well as benchmarks and so on.

For Mac, we see the GForce 9600M. When you look at it, you notice it's 56th ranking in video card power.
For the HP we have a Mobility Radeon HD 4650 In other words, it beats the Gforce into a pulp.

This is also why the HP can get a cheaper processor, as it requires it to do less work since this bugger is pretty fast. Not only that, but it means I don't need to use up RAM to render images, so HP can get away with using cheaper ram.

I like Nvidia more than Radeon, but in this case Radeon is the better card.

In short: price compare, and then buy a PC.

Over and out.

note: The HP has an AMD processor instead of Intel. Intel processors have larger caches but AMD processors can be clocked faster.

Another note: My computer at home has the 19th most powerful video card on the market. wee!

Okay I'm done ranting and need to practice.


  1. don't forget though, that macs just run smoother. Coming home yesterday and leaving my mac at school, I needed to complete a simple task: find song lyrics for ten songs online, copy and paste into a word document and print.
    My mom's laptop is about the same age as mine, very similar specs, and way cheaper (HP). Also, she doesn't overuse it, as i do my own computer.

    Turning it on, it was really taking its sweet time. After around 5 minutes of watching the new bubbly windows vista logo, I asked my mom why it was going so slowly. She told me that I must plug into the power in order for the computer to go faster. I thought this was ridiculous and didn't do it.
    Eventually, I got to the 'desktop' screen where the internet explorer took way too long. I had 35 minutes to complete this task and I didn't even finish because everything was so buggy and slow. Eventually I did connect to the power, but I couldn't tell if it was any faster. Be aware that I wasn't trying to do this slowly, I was waiting for the computer, it was not waiting for me.

    For a more reliable computer that you can depend on without worrying about being terrible, get a mac. My computer has never crashed in the middle of lecture while simply taking notes. My best friend's acer did last thursday. It's just not the same. You're paying for a better quality of life. It's the difference between a jupiter clarinet and a prestige - they both have all the same keys, probably made out of the same material. It just depends on what you need.

  2. I have to agree with you: Vista is slow. It takes up waaayyy too much system resources. This is also why I don't use it. All computers I use (except the mac I'm typing this on) boot XP. The new computer I'm getting WILL be running vista, but I also get the "free" Windows 7 upgrade. I have heard NO complaints about it yet. If you find some link them to me.

    What macs do that Windows PCs don't is give you what you paid for. If you didn't want any programs on it, you don't get any. Also due to how they build the computers they can program for specific specs rather than millions of different kinds of systems, which means programs will run more efficiently.

    Also, any computer you buy from a Windows company has a ton of bloatware, which is why I'm going to reformat the HD as soon as I get it. Another problem is that they require more time, but I find optimizing a system kinda fun. I'm geeky that way.

    However, I find that this means that they are also getting away with selling less for more, as well as using pop culture to make macs "cool" is really annoying.

    I would write more but I'm sorta in class at the moment XD.

    Thanks for reading!