Sep 18, 2009

Things about Bs

For the longest time when I was young I was obsessed with bees. I have no idea why, but I just like bees. Not those yellow jackets that sting you and don't do anything productive but make more yellow jackets, but the nice bees that pollinate flowers and make honey. While the honey bee and the bumblebee are two different insects, they are both awesome. And for some reason, my mind went into "songs about bees". There are very few songs actually ABOUT bees, though plenty of songs with bees in lyrics; mostly being crappy love songs or about sex. I found this really odd.

You can look this up as well as other songs at

Anyways: I'll start with two bands I actually like that write and sing about bees and go from there.

First is Animal Collective's The Bees:

This song is about bees in a surreal relaxing atmospheric manner. This is also from one of the first albums I bought when I started listening to Animal Collective. It is honestly a very good representation of bees just buzzing around on an open field just pollinating and stuff. I really like this song a lot because of its presentation and just total atmosphere.

Next is from Mirah and the Spectretones called Community:

I found this song thanks to Neil Gaiman's blog where he posted his very favorite song about bees. This is one of the few 'girl' bands which I actually like. Most of them are really boring and slaves to their producers' evil desires and market. This has its own indie feeling in how they sound. I honestly don't know as much about this band as I like as I have not listened to many of their works, but they're a very cool band and I'll get around to listening/buying some of their albums. Possibly off e-music.

A slight deviant off of the topic, but if you like indie(ish) music I suggest getting a subscription to e-music. DRM free mp3s full of wondrous goodness. It also isn't a bad place for classical music, though you won't find good orchestras. Also, if you want to sign up, it's $15/mo for 50 song downloads (a month), though first sign up you get 100 downloads total. You can cancel at any time and keep your mp3s. If you're interested, I'll send a link and I can get 50 free songs by referral! It is a really good deal.

Next on "songs ACTUALLY ABOUT BEES" is Jared Mees and the Grown Children.

I know very little about this band, beyond it has a pop sound, changes its line up constantly. It sorta reminds me of They Might Be Giants meet Barenakedladies. I like this song, and I might dig a little deeper and get one of their albums later. I must say I like the general tone. People listen to too much music in minor key these days, it's nice to hear something in a major key and is slightly silly. You can also sing along pretty easily.

Last on the list I can't really endorse as a good band, but it's the only other thing I could find that is specifically about bees. Yay screamo...

Anyways the band is called Botch, I know I heard about them before but I really don't like their sound. This is the sort of metal I can't stand, it just doesn't have any specific melody or anything to make it musically interesting, though the youtube vid got more views than the previous and (in my opinion) much better band:

I warned you. I can't even understand the lyrics. Oh well its still amusing.

If anyone has any good bee songs I missed give me a shout!

Speaking about bees:

And more about the bees:

I was thinking about writing something about how Bach is more badass than any modern day rapper could be, but I'm honestly not feeling it right now. Bees alone is too awesome a topic for a post that anything else will just diminish the awesomeness.

Until later, I will be drinking beer and probably playing FF7 on psp. I am so amazed about how that game WORKS, but less how fun it is. Oh I ordered my computer yesterday, so I should get it Tuesdayish.

Have a good weekend.

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