Oct 1, 2009

[Tech] Emulators, Laptops, and Stuff

As you know, I have a new laptop. During this time, I also bought a PS2 USB port connector thingy and another PS2 controller.

The good news: I can play PS1 games and SEGA games without slowdown or issues

The bad news: PS2 games cause slowdown. At least Mushihimesama does. I'm testing GGXXAC soon to see if it works or not. It probably won't, but I can always hope.

It really isn't hard to DL and run an emulator. While you DO need to get the BIOS file from your PS2/1 (or you can search around and find one as I did) it's pretty worth it. You get to play pretty much any game you own from booting on the disk or from your hard drive which is really nice. How well you can run the games depends heavily on your graphics card and processor. Since my laptop's processor isn't the best, it slows down to about 30 fps while ps2 games run around 60fps. My desktop at home can run games fine, but my laptop doesn't have the power. I wonder if there's an easy way to upgrade the processor. Probably not.

Anyways it's pretty cool. I also have it so I can play SEGA roms using a controller. It makes games feel cooler or something.

Short post, but I have a cold so I don't feel like I have to write anything major.

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