Oct 4, 2009

[Rant] Weird Mind Wanderings About Stuff

I am almost over my cold. I believe much of this is due to Zicam, which seems to be mostly Zicum as active ingredients. I actually have no idea what Zicum is, but it really does actually help. I don't think it helped too much with my congestion, but it did wonders for my sore throat. Try it out if you're sitting in bed blowing your nose. Maybe it's psychological. I want to think it works and therefore my condition improves when I take it.

I also found something strangely delicious. French Onion Sun Chips. I know that the entire title is a huge Oxymoron. Delicious sun chips? Sunchips are the healthy cardboard of the chip factory. Heathly enviromental people eat them. I.e. it tastes bad but they eat them because they think it's healthy. However, I must say these French onion chips are pretty darn delicious. They have a nice tangy sour flavor which I enjoy, and also don't taste exactly like cardboard like they usually do.

Another enjoyable packaged food essential to speedy recovery are Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow cookies. While I hate to endorse packaged cookies over home-baked, I must say that these are dangerously delicious. I always want more, and without careful restraint I'll find myself eating the entire package. In two days. Or less. anyways, they're delicious if you want bready sweet stuff, though they are crumbly.

Ever since watching Cowboy Bebop and listening to the amazing bebop tunes on the show, I have always been partial to jazz and bebop music. In liu of this, I have started downloading some Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Miles Davis albums. Hopefully in the next few days (Oberlin internet is hella slow) I'll be able to actually download these things and give reviews. The albums I've been downloading have been out for a while and are nothing new, but they're new to me which is enough to give it a listen.

My music collection has expanded so far that it doesn't fit on a 30 GB mp3 player. I'm unsure of what to do now, as new mp3 players that are out are hellishly expensive as well as generally worse off. I never though I'd get to a point where I'll say "I remember when...". Gosh I feel old.

I finished the latest Tales of Monkey Island chapter. I am still amused and enjoy the clever dialogue as well as the overall story and so on. While not a graphical smorgasbord of clever CGI effects, ultra-polygonal high resolution .bit images, or fully orchestrated mp3 files, it has it's own charm of being incredibly clever, well voice acted, and just in general a good bit of fun.

Orson Scott Card, of science fiction fame, has posted again about his view of Obama's doings. View the link ::here::

For those of you who aren't going to click on the link, I'll paste some of the stuff I think is important here:

Now he's shown us that he's a radical leftist at heart and all his promises -- every one of them -- were lies. But he's still relatively harmless domestically because he's such an incompetent leader, unable to hold his course or persuade even his followers.

With ObamaCare on the ropes, his mischief is limited to not prosecuting his criminal friends (like the Black Panthers who openly intimidated voters in Philadelphia), appointing idiots to new offices that he invented so they wouldn't have to withstand congressional scrutiny, and completely botching American foreign policy.

Obama has now broken promise after promise and told lie after lie. Yet our leftist media give him a pass every time. Meanwhile, I still remember that President Bush was called a liar constantly, even though -- and I'm willing to stand by this -- he was never found to have told a lie in his entire presidency.

(Remember, a lie is when you knowingly make a false statement, not when you simply turn out to be wrong about something that you believed to be true.)

I would continue, but there's just so many true things he says that I would just end up pasting the entire document, so just go ahead and read it.

Basically, he says that Obama and his plan alienates anyone who disagrees with him rather than compromising with them. I think the reason why is because he is trying to continue to centralize power. Libs ranted that Bush was taking too much power into the presidential branch, but at least he didn't try to CONTROL THE FREAKING ECONOMY OF AMERICA. Why else is government buying out all these companies? While they're doing it to trying to stop the economic slump they are also making the dollar worth less, which means companies won't hire jobs and prices increase. The current amount of unemployed is already over 10%. Where are these jobs Obama said he'd create? Where is this income?

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