Oct 6, 2009

[Tech] New Games

I noticed from an Otaku post that $60 is about the price of a single console game is considered normal. Anything less is considered a rush release or just in general pretty crappy. I'm wondering when did this happen? When did a game become worth $60?

I remember when a new game was $20 and that was considered WAY expensive. $5-15 were the rage.

Even today my most played favorite games aren't the super expensive ones. Okay Half-life and Portal make up bits of it, but really the games I've been coming back to again and again are not super big releases. Here's a list of the games I've been playing:

Half-Life 2
Defence Grid
Tales of Monkey Island
Blueberry Garden
Sega/PS1 emulators
Touhou games.

The last two are free, except the whole "I need the game to play it" for ps1 emulators, and technically Touhou games aren't free but since they're developed by a Japanese guy they're pretty much impossible to buy unless you steal them on the Internets.

i finally beat Half-Life 2, so I think I'm going to uninstall it and install Roller Coster Tycoon 3 instead. I always enjoyed the RCT series and this one continues good game design. The 2nd one was pretty disappointing, but this one is fun and sorta intelligent. Also it's actually hard to manage your park well enough to really get above breaking even in this game from my previous time I played it.

Writing about technology is so much easier than music. Music you sorta have to be up to date. with tech it's easy to be up to date since everything is on the internet and information is free. Music costs monies.

Next post will be more about music and other cool stuff than geekery. I'm not sure what it'll be about but I'll find something cool.

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