Dec 11, 2009

[Music] Final Fantasy 13 Soundtrack

Short post. I havn't BEEN writing because I've been kinda busy and for some reason I built a mental block about writing. Not so much a "I don't know what to write about" but more of a "writing is too hard and I don't want to do it" However, I have been motivated by the new soundtrack SquarEnix has released. These are just samples of a few tracks, but they will probably add more in time.

Basically, while MUCH better than FF12s soundtrack (crappy ambiance, anyone) I still think it doesn't really compare to Nobuo's work. His style is so distinct and just amazing to listen to. It doesn't sound like a generic movie soundtrack.

It'd be totally badass if Nobuo and Sakaruba would combine forces for a FF. I'd cry in happiness.
However, it sounds like it is a little more contemporary in style, so that's cool.

I havn't yet got the new Animal Collective album, though I will eventually. Also i havn't gotten around to listening to the first release of band "Boots with Spurs." It seems like a generic crappy band but hey, free album!

I should start posting more regularly now.

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