May 7, 2010

[Music] Blue Sky Noise

Well this is a timed blog. The power is out due to a huge thunderstorm so I'm typing this on my battery, which is 77% full right now. We'll see how I do. Anyways, this post is about a month late. There is only one really solid reason why this is late: I am lazy. That is pretty much the only reason. However, this post is really necessary because some things need to be shared.

This thing is Blue Sky Noise. I was able to buy this for $6.99 off of a site called Shockhound. I don't know anything about it but it uses a downloader that looks a lot like e-musics. And that they had Blue Sky Noise for $6.99. Anyways if you havn't go download this album. I doubt the sale is still on, so you'll probably have to grab the $10 version. There is also a $15 version with a bunch of bonus tracks, which seems pretty cool. The cheaper version from Shockhound only had one track, while the iTunes one has none. The point in being is to not use iTunes.

Anyways this album is pretty epicly sweet. One of the cool things about Circa Survive is that their sound is always evolving and becoming more sophisticated as they progress, as seen from their first album to this current album. Many bands find a sound and stick with it forever, but I think CS will continue to challenge themselves musically to find something new.

This album has many diverse tracks in it. They have some pretty heavy tracks where Anthony Green, who is 9x better than Muse's singer, just is so awesome and so passionate in his singing you just can't help but enjoy his sound.

However, I feel like there are a few weaknesses in the album. In the track "Dyed in the Wool" I really mislike the chorus. They added a children thing to it, but to me it just doesn't work well. However I don't pay close attention to lyrics so it might make sense in that situation, but musically I find it pretty weak.

In this album Anthony Green, the lead singer, has really come to himself as a musician. This album features is huge improvement as a guitarist. You can hear some of his playing in the youtube clips (look for sequence) where he does some playing. He has really improved and I really enjoy his vocal range and style. In "In Letting Go" he sounded much more feminine than what he does in this current album.

In sum, this album has many diverse ideas and has fantastic progressions. The band has really come into itself in this latest album. I heartily recommend it.

This was pretty hard to write without having lights on when typing. I also am sorta suffering from vertigo for some reason. I think I want to raise my laptop screen so I don't have to look down so much. Woooo....

Oh, and I still think bits and pieces of their music are reminiscent of Mega Man. Not much, but I think it's there.

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