May 19, 2010

[Video Games] SC2- Zerg Rage Part 1

It's been 12 days since my last post. Whodathunk it...

Anyways, I've been playing copious amounts of sc2. I find it really fun to play and I've been trying to play it at a high a level as possible, because I'm pro... Yeah...

Anyways I worked my way up to the Gold level (about rank 23) and I fell like I have an okay to good grasp of the game. While I am definitely not at the level of other high level players (like Day9) I feel like I am slowly getting there. I currently took a break because of finals and to keep the game fresh.

Anyways, I play mostly Zerg, and I feel like there should be a few changes to the race since the last patch. The last patch, patch 12, changed the "roach" unit to cost two food instead of one. I find this horrible. Blizzard's reason for the change is because "Mass Roach late game is too strong". That's just stupid. Here's the problem with the nerf:

Let's say it's at the end game. As a zerg player you should/will have at LEAST 3 bases, so therefore you will have at LEAST 72 food worth of drones, give or take 10 food. This is calculated by a normal games mineral patch (8 patches), the amount of drones to about fully saturate the patch (about 16, though 18 doesn't hurt) + extractors (6 total, 3 for each extractor). This is a little generous as your minerals in your main base will run out by then, but for now lets accept 72 drones.

Now 200-72 = 128 food remaining. Now that IS a lot of roaches, but chances are a decent enemy could scout mass roaches and really be able to counter them easily. This is assuming you MASS roaches, meaning no other unit besides roaches. In the old patch (we're also, just for ease, assuming max upgrades due to the "late game" hypothesis) this meant that a roach would have 4 armor and 22 damage @ '2' attack speed. It's really hard to find decent information about exactly how much time '2' is and the exact armor damage reduction values for certain armor types there are, but lets just say it means an average attack speed and a high HP + regen unit. Now roaches were originally stronger, but I feel like the nerfs in previous patches were warranted and the 1 food roach was fine.

Basically their damage is average, but their strength was to take hits. Given that Protoss has the Immortal to absorb hits much more effectively and the Terran has Thors, Medivacs for healing, unit upgrades, and Marauders to absorb and do damage, they have so many more options than zerg. This in of itself doesn't make it game breaking, but lets also look at the Terran and Protoss AoE units. The Tank and Colossus (respectively) are both very strong anti-ground army AoE. And they are both becoming a main part of ZvT/P armies.

Since the roach is nerfed, it means that for every roach we're building, we are removing the ability to produce more higher DPS units such as the hydra. however, all of Zerg's high DPS units are incredibly squishy, with the hydra having 80 hp and banelings dying when they attack and zerglings have 30 hitpoints, it means any strong AoE will will be able to really hurt Zergs ability to be aggressive, and since walling of the ramp are common in games against Zerg, it means that any early game harassment opportunities by zerg are denied, which leaves us with air.

I gotta get ready for a final so I'll continue this later.

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